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How to be more active in your daily life.

Are you struggling to get out of bed now that there is lockdown almost everywhere in the world? There is a bright side to the current situation. Motivate yourself to push yourself through the day to be more active and enjoy life indoors. This article shows how.

Here is a set of pointers to get you through the day:
  1. First thing in the morning, make your bed.
  2. Next, wash up and meditate or pray. Pray for your family, city, country, and the world.
  3. Recite holy verses from the Holy Book relevant to the current situation so that you feel peace at heart.
  4. Then look over your email box. Answer one or two or just go through. Keep an email account just to receive positive and upbeat self-help content.
  5. Go over social media content. Like whatever eye-catching posts you come across and post your own ideas so that others are attracted to your post.
  6. Have breakfast. Bread and jam and a glass of orange juice are quite good to have. But you can have your own preferred choices.
  7. Then make time for reading. I like reading Sidney Sheldon novels and self-help eBooks, which keep me preoccupied for two hours or more.
  8. Then do a bit of cleaning around. Sweep the floors and mop accordingly making your surroundings immaculate.
  9. Water your plants in tubs or garden and enjoy a bit of the sunshine.
  10. Carry out your laundry.
  11. Wipe out the surfaces of tables, chairs, dressing table, sink, cabinets, washing machine, and any surface you can find. Get rid of all the germs this way.
  12. If you have children and a hubby, share with them, eating breakfast.
  13. Ask your hubby to play with your children for some time while you start cooking for them.
  14. Share delicious yummy home-made lunch with the family.
  15. Ask your hubby to finish cleaning the table and the dishes while you put down the children for an afternoon nap.
  16. You and your hubby can watch an adult movie while your children sleep.
  17. Start preparing late afternoon snacks such as French toast, cereal, potato chips, etc. that your children would like after they wake up.
  18. Readout to the children's storybooks and playmaking handicrafts out of paper and clay.
  19. Sit with their school lessons and do some homeschooling.
  20. Let them draw and color on sheets of paper and get them busy while you and your hubby work from home.
  21. Prepare dinner with a helping hand from your hubby and sit together and enjoy the dishes. Clean the dishes and ask your hubby to read bedtime stories to your children, gradually letting them fall asleep.
  22. So it was a productive day in your own way, staying indoors. Keep some time for self-care before you retire to bed.

Summing up, the above pointers show how you can motivate yourself to be more active and productive throughout the day, instead of lying in bed idly, not taking any responsibility. You must also be an example to your family, your neighborhood, and the community so that unitedly we can overcome the deadly situation of current times.

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